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Women's Fall Bible Study

1 and 2 Thessalonians:  Belonging to the Day
Class Description:
Paul wrote twice to the church in Thessalonia in order to inspire hope and encourage holiness. The Thessalonians' church was facing a hostile world, full of change that was actively against the new Christians.  Paul used his letters to revitalize the Thessalonians’ vision of their God who has promised to sustain his people and redeem his world.

Can you relate to needing hope and inspiration in a world full of change that is actively against Christ-followers?   

Together we will study Paul’s letters to the Thessalonian church verse by verse and consider how these books fit into the grand narrative of scripture. 

What you’ll find in this study:
  • A chance to meet other women and explore God's word
  • A view of the story of scripture and how Thessalonians fits in
  • A easy-to-understand system to help you implement daily Bible rhythms
  • Theology Primers that introduce the basics of complex theological concepts in a way everyone can understand and discuss

  • Sept 8 - Nov 17
  • 9:30am or 6:30pm
  • E.1 216
  • Cost: $18 

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