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Women's Bible Study | 1 and 2 Peter
Wednesdays, Sept 7 - Nov 16
9:30-11:30 am   OR    6:30-8:00pm
Childcare Available

Come early Wednesday nights for Supper + Worship starting at 5 in the gym.  

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Peter learned firsthand that walking with Christ is costly -- but totally worth it.  The apostle Peter understood tension because he lived in the midst of it just as we do today.   The kind of tension that can rattle your faith at times and make you wonder if walking with the Lord is worth it.  

We'll spend 10 weeks walking through Peter's letters in an effort to find real and effectual hope for living today. 

Learn practical concepts such as: 
How does change actually happen? 
What does it look like to actually apply my faith in the culture we live in today?
How do I grow in Christ?
How can I actually love people the way the Bible commands (in the midst of all the stresses and pressures of daily life)?

More information: 
This Bible Study is a 50/50 balance of time discussing scripture with your small group of women and large
group learning.  You can expect a text-centered approach to Bible study with ample discussion and community built in.  As well as a little fun!  

Our evening class meets at the same time as the Men's Bible Study where the men study the same text each week -- so it's a great place to walk through a study with a son, spouse, nephew...any man in your life.  Our FBG Kids and Students meet Wednesdays at the same time as well.  For the morning session, we open for coffee and conversation at 9am before the study starts. You'll be assigned a small group for the duration of the study, but we always do our best to accommodate any requests to be in specific groups or with specific people.  After all, our goal is that you learn to study and do God's Word in community.  

Questions? We love 'em! Just email 

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The mission of FBG|women is to provide the space and the encouragement for women to know God and make Him known. Our key priority is knowing and enjoying God through His Word, because of Christ, through the Spirit.  But we also believe it's important to be known by others. Truly known.....

If you'd like to join in on the mission and work of FBG|women we would love to hear from you.  

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