Welome to FBG|men!

Find information on opportunities to engage with other men in a way that helps to strengthen your walk with Christ.  We look forward to seeing you.

Upcoming Ways to Plug in with Our Men's Ministry

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Men's Lunches

12pm, Parlor

June 29, July 27, August 24

Looking to strengthen your relationship with God and other men? Off Road is ten weeks with a small group of men considering God's Word. Groups offered every day of the week.  We'll walk through Esther starting March 6.
Interested in joining? 

1. Scroll down and pick your day. 
2. Text or call the group leader to join. 

Monday Morning
Todd Holubec - 512-698-3142

Tuesday Morning
Brad Bates/Fred Brent - 614-246-1877

Wednesday Morning
Michael Pickel - 512-470-2358

Thursday Morning
Travis Rehberg - 512-740-4769

Thursday Lunch
Greg Bowden/Doug Noble - 512-948-6108

Friday Morning
Tim French - 512-800-9012

SOS Team
The SOS (Servants On Standby) Team is a care ministry that alerts FBG family members when practical needs occur within our body or our neighboring community, so we can meet those needs as the hands and feet of Christ. The goal of SOS is to pair those in need of non-cash goods or services with someone who can provide help, or organize others to fulfill a need. As a member of the SOS team, you will be notified of requests via the SOS email alerts list. 
SOS needs may include such things as:
Provide a ride for a church service, essential shopping, an appointment or to/from work
Provide a meal for a family experiencing grief or a health issue
Provide help with deliveries
Provide home repairs
Provide help with moving
Provide help with yard work
Provide temporary housing
Provide temporary use of a vehicle
Provide emergency assistance (eg. food, water, hygiene supplies)