Internships at FBG are a great way to discover your passions within ministry. Please reach out to Michael Sawyer, , with any questions about the program.

Step 1 - Apply (Application Below)

Step 2 - Online Interview with Michael (Mobilization Pastor) and Department Area Pastor

Step 3 - In-Person Interview with Department Staff

Step 4 - Participate as a 16-Week Intern


The Details:

Our program is 16-weeks-long and incorporates coaching, teaching, and mentoring. Interns serve alongside our full-time ministerial/pastoral staff to lead within a specific area of ministry but have the opportunity to observe and participate in many areas. Compensation consists of a $200-per-week stipend as well as housing if needed. Additionally, all ministry expenses are covered by FBG during your time on the team. If you are a current undergrad or seminary student that needs a supervised ministry credit, we will work with your school to meet the requirements for course credit. (Just let us know during the interview process.)

Coaching - You will serve in a primary department and will be coached by that ministry leader based on the tasks in that area. For example, student ministry interns are coached by our student pastor. We want you to experience growth in the ministry tasks that you take on.

Teaching - Our pastoral staff at large will all invest in you through various teaching avenues. You will sit under the spiritual leadership of our team at large to help you learn and grow as you sort through your future as a leader within the local church.

Mentoring - A spiritual mentor will walk with you through the four months you serve with us. This mentor will help you in your personal walk with Christ as you seek to lead.