Explore Scripture through Playlists, Stories, Passages, and Plans that accompany our Sunday sermons.

Real voices, customize your scripture experience by choosing your voice, music, speed, and volume. 

Support scripture memory by repeating a passage. 

Redeem hours spent driving, chores, walking, etc by having the Word of God read over you.

Follow along with custom FBG scripture to prepare for and respond to our Sunday worship. 

An ideal addition to your Biblical Literacy plan. 

Get Your Free Dwell

It's easy to load....

  1. Visit the website. Sign up for a Dwell Account .  
  2. Load the Dwell app. (Apple or Android).
  3. After loading the app, open the app, then scroll down to "log in".  Do not enter your information in the red box, but scroll down to the small "log in" link. 
  4. Enter the email and password you created for your account. 
  5. Once you are in the app, visit the "Me" icon at bottom right.  Scroll down to FBG Church. Click on the customized scripture plan you'd like. Select "subscribe to plan".  From that point forward that FBG Scripture Plan will appear on the homepage.    

Need help?  We'd love to help you troubleshoot so you can get it loaded.  

Call 512.869.2586


It's asking me to sign up twice? 

After you load the Dwell App scroll down to log in.  After installing the app, the first screen is a second prompt to sign up...but a quick scroll down will reveal the log in.  Enter your info. 

Where is FBG Customized lists?
Go to the "Me" icon in the lower right hand corner. Scroll down to FBG Church.  Subscribe to the scripture plan.  From now on, it'll appear on the Dwell app home page. 

When will we use this?
Our church family will be using it throughout the year. We'll load weekly scripture from the sermon, utilize in classes, and seasonal (Advent / Easter). 

Will I be charged?
No. This if 100% free to you as a gift from FBG.