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The practices of your life are good indicators of what story you hold as true and what beliefs you have built your life around. In this class you will take a look at the practices Jesus calls his followers to live out regularly. By the end you will know these practices, have some specific ways to live out these practices regularly and understand how each of these practices help you grow in faithfulness in your relationship with Jesus.

Rehberg, E1.205

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From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible tells one continuous story of God’s rescue plan through Jesus.  In this class we’ll do a flyover of the entire Bible equipping you to see God’s story written to His people. 

Sparkman/Rainey, E2.209

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In Matthew 28, we read about the call to make disciples. If you’ve spent much time in church, I’m sure you’ve been encouraged to make disciples, go live on mission, or spread the gospel to the lost in this world. It can be hard to wrap our minds around what this really means in our lives. Join us as we take a look at the calling all believers are a part of and participate as we develop the skills and the plans to actually go out and live on mission. As you join in, you will identify areas that you’d like to grow and intentional steps you will take to live on mission.

Sawyer, E1. 201

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Do you ever feel any pressure in your life to work harder and smarter to get more money, more status, more power, and more influence? Success, status, money, power, sports, sexual expression; these are what our culture today says is important. These issues are not new even if our culture is different from the past. How do we stay united as Christians when our culture promotes division? How do we live in a culture that labels our faith as outdated or even dangerous? How do we love others like Jesus when so many people in our culture need the gospel? Join us as we dive into 1 Corinthians and see how God has called us to be a distinct, united community; to live in the culture while faithfully following Jesus; and to show the love of Jesus to all people.

French and D Shirley, E2. 201

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How everyone can experience the supernatural joy of giving. Each week we'll take a look at what God's Word says about generosity, hear an inspirational story in person or by video, and share practical application ideas.

Pastor Waggoner, E2. 210




9:00a | Ongoing Class
Hamilton Class
  • Room - E2.109
Hougnon Class
  • Room - E2.103/105
Poulain Class
  • Room - E2.205
10:30a | Ongoing Class
Maddox Class
  • Room - E2.103/105
Brown/Land Class
  • Room - Parlor
Rogers Class
  • Room - E2.109/111
Edwards Class
  • Room - E2.107
Gould Class
  • Room - E2.108/110
Special Needs Class
  • Room - E2.102