small groups

What is an FBG Small Group?

An FBG Small Group is 6-12 people who desire to cultivate a life in Christ through discipleship and a commitment to community.

Members of a small group are loved, pursued, challenged and transformed into a gospel-centered family that desires to live life together in Christ.


Below is a link for our guide to help you, your family and your Small Group respond to Sundays message. 


A Small Group flows from Sunday, meets regularly, relates authentically, moves outwardly and counsels biblically. 

Next Step | Find Your Small Group

Step 1

1. Look Around You

The first step in finding your Small Group community is to look around you.  Who already exists in your life with a similar passion to follow Christ?  Reach out to those people first.  You can either sign up for a Small Group Catalyst to get you off on the right foot, or attend a Small Group Leader training.

Step 2

2. Attend a Connect Class or Small Group Formations Event

Sign up for and attend an FBG Connect Class.  Connect Classes are 8-week classes on a specific Biblical truth.  They are a great place to meet other people while strengthening your spiritual foundation.  We also host regular Small Group Formation events to help you connect with the FBG family.

Step 3

3. Fill Out the Small Group Connector Form

Fill out our Small Group Connector form and we'll place you in a small group.


Small Group Event

Taco Tuesday

Looking to meet more of the FBG Family or others who are considering a small group?  This is the perfect low-key place to do it.  Taco Tuesday is hosted on the first Tuesday of the month in a home.  RSVP HERE and we'll send you all the details.

Next Step | FBG Essentials Small Group Training

New Small Group?

Watch these videos one at a time the first six times you meet.  Allow 20-30 min to watch and discuss along with your RESPOND Guide questions.

Existing Small Group?

Watch each of these 7-15 min videos as a group to refocus your intentions.  Allow 20-30 min to watch and discuss.

Small Group Worksheet

Reviewing the Small Group Intentions Worksheet together will help your group set a road map for each time you meet.


Training Videos