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What is an FBG Small Group?

An FBG Small Group is 6-12 people who desire to cultivate a life in Christ through discipleship and a commitment to community.

Members of a small group are loved, pursued, challenged and transformed into a gospel-centered family that desires to live life together in Christ.


Below is a link for our guide to help you, your family and your Small Group respond to Sundays message. 


A Small Group flows from Sunday, meets regularly, relates authentically, moves outwardly and counsels biblically. 

Next Step | Find Your Small Group

Step 1

1. Look Around You

The first step in finding your Small Group community is to look around you.  Who already exists in your life with a similar passion to follow Christ?  Reach out to those people first.  You can either sign up for a Small Group Catalyst to get you off on the right foot, or attend a Small Group Leader training.

Step 2

2. Attend an Adult Class or Small Group Formations Event

Sign up for and attend an FBG Adult Class.  Adult Classes are 8-week classes on a specific Biblical truth.  They are a great place to meet other people while strengthening your spiritual foundation.  We also host regular Small Group Formation events to help you connect with the FBG family.

Sunday Adult Classes

Wednesday Adult Classes

Step 3

3. Fill Out the Small Group Connector Form

Fill out our Small Group Connector form and we'll place you in a small group.


Small Group Event

Taco Tuesday

Looking to meet more of the FBG Family or others who are considering a small group?  This is the perfect low-key place to do it.  Taco Tuesday is hosted on the first Tuesday of the month in a home.  RSVP HERE and we'll send you all the details.

Next Step | FBG Essentials Small Group Training

New Small Group?

Watch these videos one at a time the first six times you meet.  Allow 20-30 min to watch and discuss along with your RESPOND Guide questions.

Existing Small Group?

Watch each of these 7-15 min videos as a group to refocus your intentions.  Allow 20-30 min to watch and discuss.

Small Group Worksheet

Reviewing the Small Group Intentions Worksheet together will help your group set a road map for each time you meet.


Training Videos