6/23/23 Update - Final Update

Aliyah was discharged from inpatient rehab yesterday! We are extremely thankful for all of us to be under one roof after 6 long weeks! Marcus is definitely pumped to have his Aly home.

We are already seeing her falling back into a routine and are hearing her express more words and sentences in the right context. A lot of her progress now is harder to see because the healing is happening internally as her brain is continuing to create new pathways, make those cognitive connections, and pick up the slack from those areas that were disrupted from the tumor and surgery. All that just takes time.

Her body is building endurance and she is not needing as many breaks or as much sleep.

Please continue to join us in praying for complete healing and for wisdom in making schooling decisions for the fall.

- LJ

*At this time we will end our updates and emails regarding the McCulloch Family. Thank you so much to everyone who has walked with this family in prayer and support. The needs will continue and if anything major comes up, I will send it out to the subscriber list. FBG Church Family, Grace Family, and everyone else who has stepped in, you have been incredible. We serve a good and gracious Lord and Father. It's been wonderful to co-labor with His children in this season.

- Michael Sawyer