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STORY | What God Says

We love good stories and are regularly inspired by stories of courage, sacrifice and generosity; especially when these stories are true. God’s story is the greatest story in all of existence. So isn’t it important to make sure we know God’s true story so we can build sturdy beliefs and right practices in our lives? In this core class you will learn God’s story from beginning to end and build a framework for how to dive deeper into God’s story for the rest of your life. 

BELIEF | What We Believe

Our beliefs shape who we are and what we do. They determine the decisions we make about our families, how we choose to spend our time, and what we are willing to sacrifice for. In this core class you will learn the foundational beliefs we hold from the Bible, why we hold them, what they mean and where they are in the Bible. This class will help you grow in the confidence of what we believe as Christians and why.


Who do your actions say you are? The practices of your life are really good indicators of what story you hold as true and what beliefs you have built your life around. In this class you will take a look at the core practices Jesus calls his followers to live out regularly. By the end you will know these practices, have some specific ways to live out these practices regularly and understand how each of these practices help you grow in faithfulness in your relationship with Jesus.


STORY | Elective Classes
The Church | Acts

How did the church get started? What is the purpose of the church and how are God’s people supposed to interact with each other and the world? We will look at these questions and many others as we walk through the book of Acts.

Leader | Rehberg

Location | E2.210

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Why Trust the Bible?

You have heard that the Bible is the most important book of all time because it points us to God and shows us who He is and how we can know Him. But can we trust the Bible? In this class we will look at why we can and why we should trust the Bible as God’s authoritative Word. 

Leaders | Rick Peralez & Pat Ford

Room | E1.208/210

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Practical Daily Living | James

How do we follow Jesus day in and day out? We can all use some practical advice on what it looks like to follow Jesus. In this study we will walk through the book of James and learn how to apply these practical truths to our every day lives. 

Leader | Marc Poulain

Room | E2.205

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Living with Joy in Every Circumstance | Philippians

Circumstances change quickly and it can be hard to live with joy regardless of what’s in front of you. In this study of the book of Philippians we will look at how Paul continued to encourage others and live with clarity of purpose and joy in the midst of hard circumstances.

Leader | Bonheim

Room | E1.218/219

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When Your Faith is Tested | Job

When the storms of life challenge your faith it can be hard to know what to do. In this class we will walk through the book of Job and learn how to navigate the difficult circumstances that often leave us questioning our faith. 

Leader | Blake Hamilton 

Room | E2.209/211

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This is a rich study of selected Psalms, which contain glorious examples of hymns of lamentations, praise, thanksgiving, celebrations of God’s law, wisdom and expressions of confidence in God.

Leader | Terry Land & Denice Brown

Room | E2.201/203

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The Meaning of Life | Ecclesiastes

This study will wrestle with these deep questions and ultimately enable us to see afresh our need for the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Location | Marvin Waley

Room | Parlor

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The Joy of Living | Philippians 
This study provides God’s perspective on what it means to live out the gospel in a meaningful way every day.
Leader | Larry Maddox
Location | E2.103/105

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The Gospel of Mark

We will continue to take a look at the life and ministry of Jesus through the Book of Mark.

Teacher | Ed Rogers

Room | E2.109/111

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BELIEF | Elective Classes
From Creation to Chaos 

In the beginning, God created everything for His glory and our good. But when sin entered the world, creation appeared to be ruined. Out of the ruins, God made a promise: that through one man’s descendant, God would bless the whole world—and restore the good creation He made. Through this study, your groups will discover the truth that nothing is outside of God’s plan or control to redeem creation from sin.

Leader | Georgia Hensley

Location | E2.102

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PRACTICE | Elective Classes
Moving from 5th grade to 6th grade: The Middle School Milestone

Going from elementary school to middle school is a huge milestone, but it isn't big just for kids . . . it's big for parents, too!  Your sixth grader will be in an 8 week class that acclimates them to the new world of Student Ministry so we want to invite you to journey alongside them.  In this class, parents will talk about coaching spiritual disciplines, managing a world that is growing more autonomous for your soon to be teenager, and much more.  The Lord made 6th graders.  Come find out how to live with them.

Leader | Brett Levy

Location | E2.202

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14 Principles of Gospel Parenting

Outlining fourteen foundational principles centered on the gospel, he shows that we need more than the latest parenting strategy or list of techniques. We need the rescuing grace of God―grace that has the power to shape how we view everything we do as parents.

Leaders | Harry Sundberg

Room | E2.207

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