What is an FBG Small Group?

An FBG Small Group is 6-12 people who desire to cultivate a life in Christ through discipleship and a commitment to community.

Members of a small group are loved, pursued, challenged and transformed into a gospel-centered family that desires to live life together in Christ.

A Small Group flows from the Sunday service, hinges on God's Word, meets regularly, relates authentically, moves outwardly and counsels biblically.



Next Step | Find Your Small Group

Small Group Kick Off Class
The Small Group Formation class is where your FBG|Small Group gets started.  You'll meet Sundays for 8 weeks starting Oct 23.
Since consistency is key to Small Group, this gives your group a head start toward forming well.  We'll walk through the what's and why's of FBG|Small Groups including what to do when it gets hard, how to cultivate a meaningful group time, and so much more.  
Oct 23 - Dec 11

Taco Tuesday

Looking to meet more of the FBG Family or others who are considering a small group?  This is the perfect low-key place to do it.  Taco Tuesday is hosted on the first Tuesday of the month in a home.  RSVP HERE and we'll send you all the details.